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About Me


I am a seismologist, aiming to use seismic data to better understand Earth structure and processes. My focus ranges from Earth’s core to tectonics, with much of my recent work applied to earthquakes and fault zones. I principally use data from seismic arrays, some of which are deployed by me. I am particularly interested in using dense deployments of temporary seismic instruments for high resolution seismicity analysis and imaging.




NERC Independent Research Fellow, University of Edinburgh                            2023 - present

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow, Earth Observatory of Singapore                      2019 - 2023

Geophysicist (R&D), BP                                                                                          2015 - 2019


PhD Geophysics, University of Cambridge                                                           2015

MSci Geophysics, University of Leeds                                                                  2011


Research Interests

  • Seismic imaging, from crust to core

  • Seismic acquisition with dense arrays

  • Earthquake processes

  • Earth's structure and dynamics

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