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About Me


I am a research fellow at the Earth Observatory of Singapore. My research creatively applies seismological techniques to Earth Science problems, from seismic hazard to urban development applications.

During my PhD at the University of Cambridge I used seismology to image Earth's core and study its dynamics. Motivated by a desire to do more applied work, I joined BP, where I worked in the seismic imaging research team in London. Here I gained experience in industry leading seismic imaging and acquisition, with particular focus on imaging with dense receiver arrays. I moved to Singapore with the aim to adapt such techniques for academic studies in earthquake hazard and imaging Earth structure.


I am excited by the possibilities that 'big data' bring to seismology, particularly in answering fundamental questions regarding earthquake processes, and the structure and dynamics of our planet.



Earth Observatory of Singapore

Presidential Postdoctoral Fellow

Nov 2018 - present


Geophysicist (R&D)

2015 - Nov 2018



University of Cambridge


2011 - 2015

University of Leeds

MSci Geophysics

2007 - 2011

Research Interests

  • Seismic imaging, from crust to core

  • Seismic acquisition with nodal arrays

  • Earthquake processes

  • Earth's structure and dynamics

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